The 45 hectares of vines extend into two districts: the Berlinghieri vineyard and the district Zafarana. The ages of the plant are from the years 2005 to the present day.

From the vineyards of Berlinghieri was born on Grillo, Chardonnay, Perricone, and our Metodo Classico; from the vineyards of “Zafaràna” instead Inzolia, Rosato, Nero D’avola and Syrah. The pruning is always done by the same skilled and experienced hands of the men of the company, the grape harvest is rigorously manual, and to this follows the refrigeration of the grapes in cold storage, present in the cellar.

Our Organic Wines

Zafaràna Inzolia

Zafaràna Syrah

Zafaràna Nero D’Avola

Zafaràna Rosato

Berlinghieri Chardonnay

Berlinghieri Perricone

Berlinghieri Grillo

Spumante Metodo Classico