Attese 728 –
Spumante Classic Method Extra Brut

Classic Method sparkling wine aged 36 months

3000 bottles approx.

alcohol content

Hints of baking…

A classic method produced in Sicily that has borrowed all the wisdom and mastery of the sparkling winemaking techniques of the most famous and renowned Italian sparkling wines.

However, the character of this classic method lies entirely in the vine from which it is produced: 100% grillo grapes that stand on the lees for 18 /24 months.

The full and pleasantly pungent taste is perfect for an entire fish-based meal, or to pamper the palate in a refined aperitif.

Very fine bubbles that linger for a long time in the glass, conveying aromas of citrus and mineral notes, as well as the classic hints of yeast, which evoke bread making.

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