Di Legami Winery is located in Berlinghieri and Zafarana vineyards, in the countryside of Trapani and covers approximately 100 acres, of which 45 are vineyards, on gentle hills at 350 m. s.l.m. Its position has a certain touristic relevance, since it is located between mount Erice, Trapani town and the salt pans of Marsala.

The family for three generations, is engaged in the cultivation and valorisation of indigenous grape varieties, all of Grillo, Inzolia, Nero D’avola and Perricone, with particular attention to allochthonous varieties, such as Chardonnay and Syrah. The goal has always been to create high-quality products, strengthening the balance of entomology in the vineyard, and the microbiological and biochemical activity of the soil, thus promoting biodiversity and enhancing the characteristics of the territory of trapani.

Today, Di Legami Winery is a wine certified organic, and conscious of the strong historical roots linked to the territory, but projected towards the future sustainable. This innovative impulse has brought us to restructure an old farmhouse the existing and to refine the wine-making technologies, to renew the packaging to increase the value of the product of the two best vineyards, “Berlinghieri and Zafarana“. Giuseppe and Gabriella Di Legami have the task of leading the company handed down to them by their grandparents, and to transmit to future generations the same passion, the love for the land, the vineyard and good wine.

The local workforce, the true engine of the company, is the same as from 20 years, The technical guidance is entrusted to the winemaker Sebastiano Polinas that “accompanies” the organic wines on its path of growth, improvement, and maturity, in the full respect of the territory, of the vineyards cultivated in the company and all the enoamatori who choose the wines in Di Legami Winery.